Zimmer Frame – Walker – Foldable


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Zimmer Frame – Walker – Foldable

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Zimmer frame with the convenience and portability all in one.

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Zimmer Frame – Foldable

Traditional Zimmer frames are bulky and can be difficult to store and transport. It is often a surprise to users how difficult it can be to fit a normal Zimmer frame into a car boot or back seat which can impose an unnecessary hurdle to going out with family and friends.

Why a Zimmer Frame?

Folding Zimmer frames have been developed to help overcome these issues.
Now you can have the benefits of a Zimmer frame with the convenience and portability all in one.

Zimmer Frame / Walking Frame Features:

  • Sturdy & Lightweight
  • Height Adjustable
  • Foldable – one button
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Durable

Alternatives to a walking frame or Zimmer frame?

There are alternatives to walking frames if you need a hand or support when moving around the home or outside. We’ve detailed these below.

Alternative to a Zimmer Frame / Walking Frame?

When support for walking outside is required a wheeled walker or rollator may be the best alternate option in our opinion.
These come in three or four wheeled versions, you can see more on our site through Walkers.

2 reviews for Zimmer Frame – Walker – Foldable

  1. t.nhlengethwa

    Its beautiful, I like it.

  2. Innocent

    It’s so nice I like it….

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