Pillow Lift – Drive Medical – Serena

R13,000.00 R7,999.00


Pillow Lift – Drive Medical – Serena

R13,000.00 R7,999.00

The Serena Pillow Lift adds an upper body lift to any standard bed. the Serena Pillow Lift raises and lowers the user at the touch of a button.

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The Serena Pillow Lift

The Serena Pillow Lift is an electrically powered backrest designed to assist users with limited upper body strength to alter their position from lying to sitting in bed. It also allows users with breathing or cardiac problems to sleep fully supported in a semi elevated position.

The Serena Pillow Lift Features:

  • Electrically powered backrest
  • Raised position – provides support for reading, eating or watching TV
  • May also assist with getting in and out of bed
  • Fully portable – easily fitted either side of any style of bed
  • Simply placed on top of mattress
  • Compact frame
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Sturdy, lacquered plywood frame – blends discreetly into most bedroom decor
  • Easy to clean – non-abrasive household cleaner
  • Central actuator is unobtrusive and provides a smooth, stable lifting action
  • Soft foam mattress made from combustion modified poly-ether foam – comfort for long periods in bed
  • Dartex mattress cover – waterproof and fully machine washable
  • Soft touch hand control – effortlessly operated
  • Maximum degree of lift: 80°

The Serena Pillow Lift Specifications:

  • Frame width
    71cm (28″)
  • Frame Length
    72cm (28″)
  • Length with mattress
    12cm (49″)
  • Max height up
    66cm (26″)
  • Max height down
    15cm (6″)
  • Weight with mattress
    11kg (25lb)
  • Weight capacity
    135kg (22st)


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