Anti-bedsore Mattress – Funke – Hyper Foam Plus


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Anti-bedsore Mattress – Funke – Hyper Foam Plus


The Funke Hyper Foam PLUS Mattress offers optimal pressure relief therapy for medium to high risk patients up to Stage 3.
It features the market leading Ottobock foam inside, of the highest quality, made in Germany!

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The Funke Hyper Foam Plus Anti-Bedsore Mattress

The mattress consists of two hyper-elastic foam layers with both longitudinal and diagonal cuts for exceptional air flow.
The virus resistant PU-Tex incontinence cover is waterproof, breathable and also washable up to 95°C.
The Funke Hyper Foam Plus Mattress is a maintenance-free, pressure relieving mattress ideal for systematic clinic care.

The Funke Hyper Foam Plus Anti-Bedsore Mattress Features:

  • PU-Tex Medical Cover
    Waterproof – Ideal for incontinence
    Breathable – Ensures an excellent micro-climate for the user
    Washable up to 95°C – Easy maintenance and infection control
    Removable cover features a zipper making it easy to remove
    Flame retardent (DIN 596 I II, CRIB 5)
    Bi-Elastic material – Minimise sheer forces that contribute to pressure sores
    Virus & bacteria proof
  • Ottobock hyper-elastic foam Core
    Two layered hyper-elastic foam core – Features diagonal and longitudinal air passages
    Exceptional ventilation system – Promotes the ideal micro-climate
    Superior quality – Market leading Ottobock foam
  • Maintenance-free
  •  CE marking
  • Applicable for pain therapy
  • Suitable for middle risk users
  • Up to stage 3 (EPUAP)
  • Made in Germany
  • Suitable for users up to 140kg

The Funke Hyper Foam Plus Anti-Bedsore Mattress Specifications:

  • Height
  • Length
  • Width
  • Max User Weight
  • Pressure Relief
    <18 mmHg
  • Guarantee
    3 Years



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