We are a digital design, development, and strategy firm. We help businesses form a strategy to grow their brand using our Services

Every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Especially People in Need of care. We think, develop and provide with this in mind.


Our team have a wind range of resources abroad to source the right product for you or your facility.


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Hire & Rentals

For many of our valued customers, certain products may only be necessary for a limited period of time. Therefore we accommodate to our clients needs and ensure their funds are maximized to their full potential through avenues such as hire and rentals.


Our team is equipped with skilled technicians for both repairs and maintenance of our clients equipment. Parts and spares are readily available to insure your downtime is reduced to a bare minimum.


Our Healthcare consultants have a vast experience in both hospital, home health care and nursing fields. Allowing us to guide our clients to the best possible choice of products in accordance to their needs.


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Creative Process

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Stakeholder Interviews
Ethnographic Research
Landscape Analysis
Trends & Best Practices


Customer Insights
Opportunity Brief
Product Vision

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Idea Generation
Collaborative Workshops
Rapid Prototyping
Concept Testing
Refine & Iterate


Vision Prototype
Product Roadmap
Project Plan

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UX Design
Visual Design
Content Development
Front & Back-End Development
User Testing


Launch-Ready Product
Optimization Plan

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