Wheelchair – Invacare – Action 1 NG


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Wheelchair – Invacare – Action 1 NG


The Invacare Action1 NG steel wheelchair – Simple, Robust & efficient. Although made of steel, this remains a lightweight wheelchair of exceptional quality. The rigidity blocks make the product extremely stable and very easy to propel. Available in 20” (Inch) – Silver Grey Color Only.

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Wheelchair – Invacare – Action 1 NG

If you’re looking for a high quality wheelchair that’s also practical, economical and convenient, then look no further than the Invacare Action 1 NG Wheelchair!

Is the Invacare Action 1 NG Wheelchair easy to use?

The Invacare Action 1 NG wheelchair has been design for optimal maneuverability, whether being pushed or self-propelled inside or outdoors. Due to the modest dimensions and the compact frame, you can now have peace of mind in terms of mobility in tight spaces and crowded area’s.In addition, thanks to the single crossbar system and quick release wheels, the Invacare Action 1 NG wheelchair is easy to handle, transport and store. It’s as easy as taking off the rear wheels and folding the unit away!

Invacare Action 1 Wheelchair Features:

  • Multi Rear Wheel Positions:

    2 different seat heights are possible with the standard rear wheel plate and additional ones with the optional rear wheel plate, both in amputee or active position.
  • Seat Belt:
    A buckle belt is available to increase safety while seated.
  • Cane Holder:
    Hold the cane securely to the chair.
  • Legrest:
    80 degree leg-rest is removable for extra convenience.
  • Armrest:
    Fixed at a height of 240mm when secured, with the ability to swing the armrest away. The curve on the armrest allows for one to sit closer to a desk and/or table.
  • Brake Lever:
    The folding lever of push to lock brakes makes transfer much easier than the conventional units.

Invacare Action 1 Wheelchair Specifications:

  • Maximum user weight
    127 kg
  • Seat width
  • Seat depth
    42.5 cm
  • Floor/seat height :
    50/45 cm
  • Rear wheel
    24″ (610 mm) pneumatic tyre
  • Castors
    8″ (200 mm) solid tyre
  • Parking brake
    Manual brake with indexed brake shoe
  • Backrest
  • Armrests
  • Footrest supports & Legrests
    Removable and swing-away
  • Seat upholstery
    Black nylon on reinforced upholstery
  • Frame
    Steel, epoxy coated
  • Wheelchair average weight
    17.8 kg

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