Patient Lifter – Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device – Ami


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Patient Lifter – Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device – Ami


Ami is a simple yet safe and highly functional assistive device facilitating a range of daily situations such as standing, dressing, toileting and positioning further back in a wheelchair or chair, both for the user and for the caregiver.
It can also be used to facilitate assessment and exercise of weight-bearing capability.
In total, Ami is a cost-effective solution for the prevention of accidents such as trips and falls and for elimination of manual lifting, back strain and injuries.

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Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device

Providing you with an easier and safer way to transfer people with disabilities from sitting to standing, the Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Platform is an ideal product for all caregivers. By making it easier to get up and down, the Ami Transfer Platform empowers the user and provides them with easier mobility.

Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device Suitable for Multiple Users

Allowing you to transfer from sitting to standing (or vice versa) without any lifting, the Ami Sit-to-Stand is a product that can benefit a wide range of users. From people with relatively minor conditions, such as impaired balance and reduced lower-limb strength, to chronic disabilities such as those requiring the use of a wheelchair, this Transform Platform can deal with most challenges.

The Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device has the following features:

  • Compact/small and convenient
  • Neat and attractive design — simplifies hygiene
  • Non-motorised and no mechanical parts for easy maintenance and servicing
  • No settings are required
  • Safe, comfortable and non-intrusive transfers
  • Activates the user
  • Reduces the risk of accidents such as trips and falls
  • Intuitive use and manoeuvring without manual lifting
  • Prevents work related back strain and injuries

Design of the Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device

The design of the Ami Sit-to-Stand Transform Platform is designed with ease and functionality in mind. The design provides physical and psychological benefits for the user by allowing them to participate in their own transfer. This includes improving circulation, breathing, digesting and muscle-tone.

How Does the Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device Work?

The Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Platform is very simple to use and during transfer the user is facing the caregiver for optimal contact and security. The process below gives a rough outline of the transfer process:

  1. The carer swings the seat pads away from each other to create an open position
  2. The carer should then position the device as close to the user as possible
  3. The user can now place his or her feet on the footplate with his or her knees against the padded knee support
  4. The caregiver should lock the rear castors
  5. The carer encourages the user to pull the cross bar and rise into a standing position
  6. The carer finally swings the pads behind the user to create a semi-seated position
Ami Sit-to-Stand Transfer Device Technical Information:
  • SWL
    160kg, 352lbs, 25 stones
  • Material
    Epoxy coated steel
  • Total height
  • Total Width (Outer)
  • Total Width (Inner)
  • Total Length
  • Base Height
  • Seat Width
  • Seat Depth
  • Footplate Height
  • Footplate Length
  • Footplate Width
  • Total Weight
  • Castors (Diameter)



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