Mobility Scooter – Mobie – Foldable


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Mobility Scooter – Mobie – Foldable

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The Mobie Mobility Scooter is a space saving, lightweight folding mobility scooter that allows you to get around safely with greatest of ease.
It requires no tools or assembly, and can be easily folded and unfolded in less than a minute.

Get it into your car easily – NEW MOBIE LIFTER !

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Mobie Mobility Scooter Overview

It’s well renowned for its compact space saving design (only 24.5 kg. with battery) provides convenient storage and easy transportation wherever you go.
It fits in a boot or a seat of a car, in a van, boat, bus or train and even an aeroplane! The Mobie Mobility Scooters lithium battery conforms to government regulations for safe air travel.

Go Twice the Distance with the Mobie Mobility Scooter

The Mobie Mobility Scooter features an on board battery backup storage compartment, that enables you to safely carry an additional lithium battery.
Take longer trips with the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to be concerned about getting stuck or having to push your scooter home.
You will now be able to go up to 26 miles in one outing.

True Four Wheeled Mobility Scooter for added Stability 

The Mobie Mobility Scooter was also designed and engineered as a true four-wheeled mobility scooter, providing added stability over traditional three wheeled mobility scooters. This design features a wider floorboard which provides more room for those times when you need more space.

Key Features of the Mobie Mobility Scooter:

  • Lightweight space saving design
  • Folds and unfolds in less than a minute
  • Fully adjustable tiller (height and angle)
  • 115kg weight capacity
  • Up to 20km  per charge
  • Battery back-up System – Go up to 26 miles with two batteries on-board
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Airline safe

* Please Note: Armrests are not included, and are offered as an optional extra

Mobie Mobility Scooter Specifications:
Width 17.21”
Tires (Solid Wheels) 6 inches for front wheel
Speed 6kmh/3.75mph
Safe Gradient Up to 8º
Maximum Gradient
Travel Range 20km per Charge
Turning Radius 47.2”
Total weight (with battery) 25kg
Seat Comfort Rest Cushioned Seat
Brake Intelligent Regenerative Electromagnetic Brakes
Drive system Rear Wheel Drive with Freewheel option
Steering Handlebar Three (3) Position
Maximum capacity 115kg
Ground clearance 1.6”
Battery 24V/10Ah Lithium battery
Motor 120W
Battery charger DC24V/2A Off-Board Automatic Protection Charger
Frame Aluminum Alloy

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2 reviews for Mobility Scooter – Mobie – Foldable

  1. Elmunde Prudhoe

    My Sister and I have recently purchased a Mobility Scooter – Mobie – Foldable from PrimaCare for Mum and found the entire experience to be hassle free, prompt and courteous.
    The Mobie Mobility Scooter was easy to assemble and required the use of just one lever and it was ready to go, it’s also convenient enough to fold up and place in the boot of the car
    The scooter is easy to use and does not require a key start, just the press of a button to keep mobile, (No getting stuck at the shops while searching your bag) offering great value for money.
    The ride is good and easy to handle, with enough speed to get around safely. The hand release braking system works very affectively with no sudden stops or jerking movements,
    It has been a pleasure dealing with PrimaCare and we will certainly recommend the Mobie Scooter and PrimeCare for any Homecare and Clinic Furniture purchases.

  2. Mike Heyns

    As far as the occasional of the mobility scooter refers. Due to my 24/7 dependency of supplement oxygen, I’m am unfortunately fairly dependent on assistance when leaving my home. It was previously a near impossible experience and arrangements were limited due to the availability of a wheelchair at our destination and literally an army to help me physically. The scooter now permits one person to assist me and alleviate my guilt feeling for being dependent on many others!

    Everyone was surprised with the ease of assembly and the nominal weight of the Mobie unit! Now my limitation lies with the availability of my family when we get the opportunity to go out over the weekends.

    Many Thanks for allowing me a solution to enjoy once again some time out with my family!

    Best Wishes

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