Homecare Bed – Avante – Easy Out


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Homecare Bed – Avante – Easy Out


A first of its kind, the Easy Out Homecare Bed restores the patient’s ability to get out of bed completely, independently or with minimal support.
It also features a ‘Seat’ position that is unique to its kind in our range of beds.

Includes: Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Out of stock

The Avante Easy Out Homecare Bed

There are huge benefits of the Easy Out homecare bed that applies to a host of users with limited or restricted mobility.
Now one can gain the freedom of movement to be able to stand up from a lying or seated position, with or without assistance.

The Avante Easy Out Homecare Bed Features:

  • Electronic adjustments; Back, leg & height – Via remote control
  • Stylish – Modern-living design
  • Bed lying surface turns into chair and assist the user to stand from a lying or seated position
  • Side rails included – Easily removed and adjusted
  • Whisper-quiet motors
  • Restores independence to the patient and reduces the cost of care staff.
  • Prevents occupational health issues for care staff and time taken off work for sickness
  • Integrated Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Avante Easy Out Homecare Bed Benefits:

  • Regain independence with the ability to get out of bed
  • Suitable for home-use or care facilities
  • Beneficial to a host of possible ailments; spinal column metastasis, paralysis, tetraplegia, advanced muscle dystrophy, MS/ ALS, etc
  • Circulatory training and thrombosis prophylaxis when confined to bed
  • Much easier to transfer from a bed to a wheelchair
  • Added Support in cases of restrictions on the spine and/or joints
  • Aids in easier mobilisation in cases of extreme symptoms of pain
  • Sitting position for cases of heart failure or Apallic syndrome

The Avante Easy Out Homecare Bed Specifications:

  • Height Adjustments:
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Back Up Battery:
    Option to install 2 × 9V batteries
  • Castors:
    4 x lockable
  • Mattress
    Integrated Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam
  • Lying Surface:
    200 × 90cm


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