Commode – Aluminium – Standard

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Commode – Aluminium – Standard

Superior quality aluminium frame insures hygiene and safety.
Durable Plastic Snap on Seat and a tool free assembly makes it a very practical unit.
Plastic arms provide additional comfort.
Commode Bucket with lid and toilet seat.

*Please note: Toilet seat lid/cover not included for this item.

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Commode – Aluminium – Standard

Standard Aluminium commode adjustments

Our Aluminium commodes are easily adjustable in height and can also be used over an existing toilet.

Alternative to commode?

The alternative is a raised toilet seat, which raises the seat height and assists the user when standing from the toilet.
Another option in a similar category would be the Toilet Safety Frame which is a safety device that provides arms for stability when getting on or off a toilet.

Our Recommendation regarding commodes

Commodes are most convenient because of its portability when storing or transporting. They fold up easily and can be tucked away in your home or in the boot of your car.
Not only this, but they can be used in multiple situations, in comparison to the raised toilet seat where your options are limited to toilets.


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