Bariatric / Heavy Duty

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  • Manual Wheelchairs

    Wheelchair – Super Heavy Duty

  • Manual Wheelchairs

    Wheelchair – Heavy Duty

  • Shower Aids

    Shower Chair – RCN – 200kg – Multi Purpose

  • Toilet Aids

    Commode – RCN – Multi Purpose – Deluxe

  • Toilet Aids

    Commode – RCN – Multi Purpose – Standard

  • Bariatric / Heavy Duty

    AKS (300kg+) – Electric

  • Bariatric / Heavy Duty

    AKS (150kg+) – Electric Bariatric Bed

  • Bariatric Equipment
    and Heavy Duty Bariatric Equipment.

    Bariatric Equipment for sale. We have a large selection of heavy duty bariatric equipment for the home, facility and clinical settings. We carry many different brands and styles of bariatric equipment products and supplies. Bariatric equipment is often very hard to find. We carry several different product lines of bariatric equipment for the bedroom, bathroom and mobility devices.

    What is bariatric equipment? Simply put it is equipment and supplies that are designed for larger or obese patients. We have a large selection of bariatric products for sale including wheelchairs, walkers, patient lifters / hoists, hospital beds, chairs and much more. Bariatric Equipment design would include increased weight capacities, heavy duty support and wider widths to fit the larger persons needs. Products designed in excess of this is generally considered bariatric or heavy duty products. At one time this was a very limited product line but as the obesity problem continues to worsen more manufactures have begin to produce products for the bariatric patient’s needs. Always carefully check the weight capacity and width needs before ordering to ensure a proper fit.